Virginia and Washington D.C. Museums Offering Virtual Tours

Thanks to the Google Art Project, several attractions in Washington D.C., Virginia, and across the country are offering virtual tours that allow us to explore these attractions from our own homes in the midst of closures. These tours give everyone a chance to “get out of the house,” without needing to put our shoes on.

At The Kensington Falls Church, we are observing CDC guidelines of social distancing to keep our residents, staff, and their loved one’s safe. Each month, we typically have a regular array of calendar events. As of right now, events and outings have been canceled for the time being. Here are three virtual experiences being offered that others can have as much fun with as we do:

The National D-Day Memorial

At the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, stands a forty-four foot tall arch that sits upon 88 acres. The arch is accompanied by a reflecting pool and etched “Overlord” in commemoration of the military name given to this operation. In the spring, cherry blossoms line the path as you enter.

See a restored L-3 plane, a scene from the beaches of France represented, and even artifacts at their National D-Day Education Center. Located in Bedford, Virginia, ut was awarded by Congress as the place to establish this monument for being the most representative of communities big and small whose citizens served on D-Day.

Their online experience showcasing 99 objects can be found here: The National D-Day Memorial

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is located in Richmond, Virginia. This museum compiles close to 50,000 various styles of painting and other mediums. 6,000 years of history are held within its walls. 

Contemporary, modern, impressionist and post-impressionist, as well as African, Asian, and ancient European influences are among the 299 items on virtual display.

Their online experience can be found here: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is known as being one of the nation’s largest collections of biological and cultural objects, as well as an expansive archive of historical artifacts. 

Their paleontology department is a dedicated team of researchers and specialists that work to restore and recreate the most epic models of the towering giants that once roamed our planet. Their mission along with the other departments is to increase the public interest and understanding of ancient species, civilizations, and other remarkable moments of our natural history.

Their online experience does not showcase all 145 million objects within the museum, but 65,385 of them can be found on digital display here: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

As we observe the CDC recommendations for social distancing, it is bringing some of us closer to our homes and families, and we look for ways to make the most out of each day. While museums and other fun attractions remain closed, it does not mean we cannot still find a way to enjoy them.